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Welcome to Montana!

Are you traveling to Montana with your horses? Time to prepare for that. Montana’s six-month horse passport is a health inspection certificate that was developed for horse owners that frequently travel to interstate events. It is used for animals participating in exhibitions when there is no change of ownership. The passport cannot be used for breeding purposes. • To obtain a 6 month passport you must: ◦ Reside in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, or Montana. ◦ Have a current EIA (Coggins) test. (valid for 6 months from the collection date.) ◦ Have a lifetime brand inspection. The inspection number must be written on the passport. • *NEW* Prior to Travel you must submit a pre-authorization application which can be found here along with a fee of $5.00 per horse. Before obtaining the permit you must provide: ◦ Lifetime brand inspection number • Prior to each entry into Montana you must call 406-444-2976 or email to obtain a 10 day permit number. ◦ Upon your first call/email you must provide your preauthorization number(s), health certificate number(s), all coggins test information, and the name/address of where you are coming from and where in Montana you are going to. ◦ Upon each subsequent call you must provide the health certificate numbers of the horses traveling with you and the name/address of where you were coming from and where in Montana you are going to. • Owners may call our after hours number to receive a 10 day import permit number, however this will require all of your information for each call Click here for the Montana State Department of Livestock, animal health, import requirements Rocky Bay Equine can help you with; health certificate/passport examinations, brand inspection and Coggins testing. It is your responsibility to contact Montana for pre-application papers and travel permit numbers. Don’t forget that it takes at least a week after the exam & blood draw to receive the paperwork you’ll need. Don’t delay, give us a call to set up your appointment now, Karol is your travel agent for summer road trips!

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